Let the Baby Prep Begin!

Must-Have Items for Your Baby Registry

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

We’re going on week 10 of our shelter-at-home order, and I’ll admit things still remain the same, yet chaotic around here. Being with my girls 24/7 has definitely been mentally exhausting, and since my last post I’ve started by third trimester of pregnancy so my energy level has slowly decreased as well.

With our days seemingly meshing together most days, my husband and I didn’t realize that we really only have 2 months until the baby is here. The last 10 weeks have flown by so quickly, and we are now finally getting ready for baby boy’s arrival.

Luckily he’s our third child so we have most of the things we need, but in preparation for his arrival I wanted to share my must-have items to have for your baby registry.

I know so many soon-to-be mamas right now, and I remember doing so much research for our first baby registry. While most of us expecting mamas probably will not have a baby shower, it doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate our little baby’s with baby shower parades and virtual baby showers. Before your baby shower even happens, be sure to check out my list of must-have items for your baby registry so your family and friends can spoil your bebe.

My Baby Registry Must-Haves

1. Swaddles

My go-to: Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle

Image Source: Amazon.com

For both of our girls, we found these swaddles to be true life savers. Nothing kept them sleeping for longer periods of time than the Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle. You can easily swaddle with a cute receiving blanket, or you can save yourself the trouble of trying to master the swaddle by wrapping them up in one of these. They even come in a variety of fun designs and colors.

2. Breast bump

My go-to: Medela Pump In Style

Image Source: Amazon.com

The Medela Pump In Style was a constant reliable for both of my girls. I noticed there are a lot more options nowadays for breast pumps, but Medela has been good to me since 2015. I used the pump for almost a year with both girls. If you want a pump that works great, easy to transport, and is more affordable compared to it’s newer competitors, this is the breast pump for you.

3. Pack-and-Play 

My go-to: Graco Pack-and-Play Change and Carry Playard

Image Source: Amazon.com

Another old reliable for both of my children that I plan on using even for my third baby is my Graco Pack-and-Play Change and Carry Playard. What I love about this playard is that it’s compact enough to fit in a corner of your room, and it comes with both a changing table and bassinet. So while your baby is small, you can easily put them down for a nap in the bassinet, and as they get bigger, you can use the playard for it’s full size. It even comes with a side pouch to keep your diapers and wipes in!

4. Diaper Pail 

My go-to: Playtex Diaper Genie

Image Source: Amazon.com

One of my least favorite parts about having a baby in the house is having stinky diapers. While some might find throwing a stinky diaper in the trash the best easiest way to get rid of a soiled diaper, we found that a reliable diaper pail is definitely needed. Our go-to diaper pail is the Playtex Diaper Genie for it’s easy-to-use functions, large size, and simple design. Whatever the theme is for your nursery, I’m sure you can find a Diaper Genie in the color that best fits your needs.

5. Nursing Pillow 

My go-to: Boppy Nursing Pillow

Image Source: Amazon.com

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, the Boppy Nursing Pillow is a must-have! It’s versatile use makes it something you definitely want to have for your child’s first year of life. When it’s not being used as a nursing pillow, it can also be used for tummy time or learning to sit up. It’s also easy to clean – just throw it in the washing machine. And don’t worry, white is just the base color. You can get different cases for it that match your style or nursery.

6. Stroller

My go-to: Zoe XLC Traveler

Image Source: Amazon.com

For this stroller, we actually have it as a double-stroller, but if it was around when our oldest daughter was born we definitely would’ve gotten one then too. When choosing any stroller, I have two things in mind: weight and size. The Zoe XLC Traveler is not only light for a stroller of it’s durability, but it also folds nicely into a compact size. It also comes in 8 different colors, AND it’s Disney approved. Meaning it’s not too big to bring to the parks. Even their double-stroller is Disney approved!

7. Baby Carrier

My go-to: Boba Wrap Carrier

Image Source: Amazon.com

While a stroller is great to have, what your baby will love being in, especially during the first few months, is a baby carrier. For both of my girls, I have two different carriers – a traditional carrier and a wrap carrier. My favorite of the two was definitely the wrap carrier, specifically the Boba Wrap Carrier. With it’s super soft and stretchy material, it’s easy to use and clean. As a first-time mom, it was the perfect thing to use around the house to keep my baby girl close while getting things done. And I’ll definitely be using it again with my third.

8. Onesies with Zippers

My go-to: Gerber Sleep & Play

Image Source: Amazon.com

I’m not sure why they don’t make all onesies with zippers, but I think they should. I personally think button onesies should be avioded at all costs, and you should try to get as many zipper (or magnet) onesies as possible. My go-to zipper onesies are the Gerber Sleep and Play for their soft fabric, easy use, and comfortability for baby.

9. Socks

My go-to: Simple Joys by Carter Baby 12-Pack

Image Source: Amazon.com

Another one of my least favorite things are baby socks, but they are definitely needed. I honestly only hate them because they’re so easy to lose, but that’s the same reason why you’ll want a lot of them. Your child won’t be wearing shoes until they’re closer to 1-year-old, so you’ll need as many socks as possible in the first year. My go-to choice for socks are the Simple Joy’s By Carter Baby 12-Pack. With one or two of these 12-packs, you’ll have plenty of socks for the first six months.

10. Nursing bras

My go-to: HOFISH Push-Up Nursing Bra

Image Source: Amazon.com

And the last on my list is an item for mom. With my first pregnancy, I did not even think about nursing clothes and nursing bras until after the baby was born. So if there’s one thing I recommend to first time moms, it’s to be sure you have at least nursing bras on your registry. The HOFISH Push-Up Nursing Bra are comfortable, affordable, and come in a variety of colors that can fit anyone’s style.

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