A Year of Gratitude

Remember when 2020 started, and we were all so hopeful for the great things 2020 was going to bring? This post is going to be just about that. Instead of dwelling on the things that should’ve or could’ve been, I’d like to dedicate my last post of 2020 for the things that are amazing in my life. While that may seem silly given the actual reality of things, I want to look back at 2020 and remember what I loved and am super grateful for about this year.

My list of gratitude:

  • Technology: Oh how I cannot imagine what we’d be doing if this pandemic happened back before the internet and fancy computers and phones. I am thankful that technology allowed us to stay connected to our family and friends. What could’ve been a super lonely year was filled with virtual meet-ups, lots of text messages, making new friends on social, and learning new things via online video platforms.
  • Teachers: Luckily for us, the girls’ school has been open since September. The 6 months before that were tough being home with the girls 24/7 so we jumped at the opportunity to put the girls back in school when we could. I am grateful our teachers that do everything to keep our kids safe and taken care of during this crazy time.
  • My husband’s business: There was a point at the beginning of the pandemic when we thought this year was about to be horrible for business. As soon as they deemed real estate essential, things picked up and stayed booming. This pandemic has been rough on thousands and thousands of people, but I thank God every day that my husband can still provide.
  • Our health: Knock on wood we didn’t get sick this year. Other than the occasional allergies, we all remained relatively healthy. This pandemic really makes you think one itchy throat is the road to something worse, but luckily that was never the case. And after having my son, I was so worried for complications, and thankfully we were good in that department too.
  • Time: If there’s one thing this year has taken from us but also has given us at the same time, it is time. We lost time spent doing “the norm” but we gained so much time together. During this year, my girls grew so much. Time allowed me to see them grow before my eyes. Time allowed us to do more things as a family. Time was a gift this year, whether we liked it or not.
  • My complete family: I’ve said this one here before, but I’ll say it again. I never though we’d have three kids, let alone a son. And now that he’s here, our world is complete. I can’t wait to watch him grow more and more in 2021.

Thank you 2020 for all the things I am grateful for. You were definitely one for the books, but we’re ready for the next chapter of this decade.

2020 Top 9

2021, please be kind to us all.

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