Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall: Our Fall Bucket-List

Hi friends, it’s been a long time. Actually it’s been a long summer. As you’re probably noticing, I didn’t blog all summer, and it was for good reason. It was the last summer my family had before our eldest started elementary school so we wanted to make the most of all the time we had. And let’s be real, being at home with three kids all summer is exhausting so my creative juices to blog were just burnt out. We had a whole bucket-list of summer activities to do – all of which I intended to share here. But instead of sharing that list, I’m ready to look ahead and share our Fall bucket-list instead. Afterall, is Fall not the best season? And let’s be real, once Halloween is over, I start decorating indoors for Christmas so the Fall decor around here has to start super early if Christmas comes “early” too. (Fun fact: Filipinos start celebrating Christmas once the -ber months start a.k.a. September, October, November, and December. But I’ll leave that for another blog.)

While I do love summer and the warmer weather, I’m a true Fall baby. Yes Fall doesn’t officially start for a few weeks. But once the kids start school it’s basically Fall in my mind. My birthday is in October so I absolutely love Halloween. My favorite scents are Fall scents, and apples, cinnamon, and pumpkin are a few of my favorite flavors. And while I do love Christmas, Fall decor is my actual favorite, and since we’re in a new home I can’t wait to decorate for the Fall festivities from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Did I mention that the Pumpkin Cream Coldbrew also dropped at Starbucks today? You bet I got it on the first day because duh, pumpkin is the best.

But enough rambling about Fall. Here’s our Fall bucket-list! Hopefully it’ll give you some ideas on things to do this Fall with your family and loved ones.

  1. Decorate for Fall + Halloween
  2. Go to a pumpkin patch
  3. Go apple picking
  4. Carve pumpkins
  5. Visit Apple Hill
  6. Get lost in a corn maze
  7. Collect colorful Fall leaves
  8. Jump in a leaf pile
  9. Visit Disneyland for Halloweentime (or any theme park for their Halloween festivities!)
  10. Bake an apple or pumpkin pie
  11. Dress up for Halloween
  12. Watch scary movies (or Disney Halloween movies if you’re not into spooky!)
  13. Collect pinecones
  14. Make pinecone turkeys + other Thanksgiving crafts
  15. Eat all the Fall themed food especially from stores like Trader Joe’s
  16. Drink all the pumpkin flavored coffees possible before they’re gone again 😦

Obviously the last one is my favorite thing. I honestly can drink Pumpkin Cream Coldbrews all year long if they kept it around all year. Last Fall during the first year of the pandemic we were able to do a majority of this list so I’m hoping this year we’ll do all of them plus more. Hope you all have a happy start to the best season!

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