My Baby is Turning 2

Something I’ve heard a million times over the last few years is “they grow up so fast“, and I’m finally understanding what that means.

Today is the eve of my youngest daughter’s birthday. In less than 12 hours, I will have a 2-year-old. I’ve been anticipating this day to come for a few weeks now, but not because I am excited she’s finally turning two, but because I’m sad my baby won’t be a baby-baby anymore 😦

Yes, she will always be my baby. But in the last few weeks, we’ve already started noticing tremendous strides in her development. It’s like her body and mind know exactly what tomorrow is so she has started developing at an even more rapid rate.

A few changes she’s gone through:

  • Sleeping on her own without waking up in the middle of the night (Yes, for you newer or soon-to-be parents, your kid can be waking up constantly even up to 2-years-old!)
  • Recognizing when she has peed in her diaper and telling us before she goes poop that she needs to poop. (Meaning she’ll be ready to potty train soon!)
  • Finally saying “uncle”, “auntie”, “Mickey”, and “Minnie”. Prior to this past week, she had her own baby words she used to describe those things.

All of these things have happened in just the last few weeks so who knows what other changes she’ll go through in the next month. With our older daughter, we were always so excited for her to learn something new and do new things. But with our second baby girl, it’s like we just want to pause her at this age forever.

To my dearest little Zaleah, I pray you stay smart and sweet forever. I pray your twos are more terrific than terrible, and you always let your light shine brighter than everyone in the room.

We’ll be celebrating her birthday all weekend long so look out for more birthday fun on both here and our vlog in the coming week!

And yes while I’m sad my baby is growing so fast, luckily we’ve been vlogging her life since her birth. You already know I’ll be watching this first thing tomorrow morning to relive the day.

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