It’s a Boy!

As my husband would say… third time’s a charm. We are happy to announce we have a baby boy on the way!

This is exactly the type of news we needed during this chaotic time. While the mayhem of COVID-19 fills our social media platforms and news channels, we’re over here getting ready for our little boy. He has become the perfect distraction in our household.

But I’ll be honest with you all, never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d have a son. Not because I don’t want a son, but because I’ve always seen myself as a girl mom…like I’m wired to parent girls and deal with the sassiness that comes with parenting little ladies. So I was actually rooting for a girl all this time, but I am sure glad I was wrong.

Now he is all I can think about. But I’m even happier because two very important people in my life are OVERJOYED with this news.

  1. My oldest daughter has been asking for a baby brother from the moment she found out I’m having a baby.
  2. My HUSBAND has been waiting for a son since our first pregnancy.

This whole time I was over here thinking I knew exactly what was going to happen…we’d have another girl, and my husband would be a girl dad for life. But instead God threw this curveball at me, and I am feeling so blessed.

To share the news with our family and friends, we did decide to have a gender reveal party. And we are so glad we did because everyone else was hoping for a boy too! To see everyone’s reactions, check out our gender reveal vlog. So many priceless reactions caught on camera!

But even before the gender reveal, we decided to share the moment together and find out the baby’s gender by ourselves at home. The moment I realized my husband and eldest daughter’s prayers are answered seriously broke me to tears. Check out that moment here:

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