God’s Plan is Greater

I never thought I’d be a mom to a son. I actually never thought we’d have three kids. And despite how many times I joked with my husband about being a stay-at-home mom one day, I never thought I’d actually be one. If you asked me 5 years ago what my life would be like by 2020, I would’ve said by now I’d be trying for my second and last child. And career wise, I would have gotten myself promoted within the company I started my hospitality career in.

See thing is, I’m a planner. I like to plan so much that my husband gets so annoyed. I plan things down to every detail that you might think I have a control problem. And maybe I do. But despite being a planner, if there’s one thing my life and faith has taught me, it’s that God’s plan is always greater.

There’s a lot of heavy things happening in the world right now. On top of the heavy things from the world, each of us are carrying our own personal burdens so it can feel like a lot. It’s so easy to get caught up in the world, in the news, in social media, and in your own problems that you might lose yourself. You might feel like all things you’ve planned were for nothing or were a waste. Or maybe you’re afraid to do something so you don’t it, but in reality, you’re only hindering yourself. It’s during times like these that we have to remember that God’s plan is always greater.

When you trust in God’s plan, you might be surprised with the outcome. And you’ll realize that all the burdens you endured and all the plans you had made were just part of His greater plan.

So hang in there friends. I know the world is scary right now. I know things aren’t going the way we imagined. I know we miss our friends and families. I know we miss seeing traveling and exploring new places. I know sad things keep happening that seem unfair and unbelievable. But we cannot lose faith. We cannot forget why we are here. We cannot forget to spread love. We cannot lose faith in love.

A wise friend once told me “I know [this year has been scary]. Stay in love with life. With each other. God has a plan for us to rise above all of this strife. Remember who we are and to remember we are love. No matter what. Each and every one of us.”

By trusting His plan, my life has unfolded with things I never thought I’d have. While sometimes I am afraid, I am strong for these three little blessings. Thank you Lord for this life ❤️

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